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PSC Sailing Schedule for 2017

Listed below are estimated dates for this year's classes. Because proper sailing classes require wind they do not always play out as scheduled, but we are always in sight of the end of one class and the beginning of another.

All Basic 1 classes meet for a total of at least fifteen hours, spread over six lessons. Weeknight classes (available from late April to early September) meet from 6:00 to 8:30 usually two nights per week. Weekend class times flex seasonally. Some start at 1PM; some start as late as 5:30 when daylight permits. In the summer, later classes are usually the best for wind, and of course evenings on the river are always charming! Whatever your schedule there is a good chance we can find a class that works for you.

Students who miss a lesson can get a make-up lesson at no extra cost.

PSC Sign-up

Sorry, we are not set up for online sign-up. Please call 503-281-6529 or email the address at the bottom of this page. You will not be sent any promotions, spam etc. Sign-up can be confirmed by email. Your word holds your place in lieu of a 50% non-refundable deposit. Payment can be made on the first day of class. Please remember there are only three or four students per boat, so we and your fellow students take your promise seriously.

Start dates are estimates. Actual dates can vary by a week or more. That's sailing.

  Basic 1 weekends (One or two lessons per week for three or six weeks) Basic 1 weeknights (Two lessons per week for three weeks) Basic 2 weeknights or weekends(Four 2 1/2 hour lessons)Big Boats and Cruising(Four three hour lessons on Messenger) Sea Trials

(To the ocean and back on Messenger. See schedule comments in course description.)

Bonneville(Up to the Gorge and back on Messenger) Off Shore

(To where conditions permit)

April Start April 1 or 2Start week of April 24Often follows Basic 1Per demand all year21–23
Per demand all year
May Start May 6, 13 or 14 Start week of May 15 Yes!

Per demand

June Start June 24 or 25

Start week of June 5 and 26
No doubt! 2–4
Per demand
Per demand
July Ongoing Start week of July 17 Positively!

June 30–July 2
Per demand
Per demand

August Start Aug 5 or 6Start week of Aug 7
Early evenings (5PM) start Aug 21
Don't miss it! 11–13

Per demand
Per demand
September Start Sep 9 or 10 Still good! Every weekend this month is doable!Per demandPer demand
October Too late to startToo dark in the evenings Sure!6–8
Per demandPer demand
November Less 4–6
October 31–Nov 1



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